• BC省投资移民
  • 魁北克省投资移民
  • 曼省投资移民
  • 加拿大联邦技术移民
  • BC省雇主担保移民PNP
  • 加拿大经验类移民CEC
  • 居家护理工作移民
  • 家庭团聚移民
  • 移民难民听证与上诉
  • “加拿大海外国际高中”项目

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Welcome to Aurora & Associates Immigration Services. We're dedicated to ensuring you and your loved ones immigration service needs are well and fully provided. We've represented numerous clients in immigration cases and we have the experience that you're looking for. We're always willing to work with you on fees and services to meet your individual needs. We're here to help.